Ready to confidently launch that podcast idea that’s been taking up space in the back of your head?

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The Ultimate Podcast Launch Course
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Let me guess: You know you have a lot to say and that you're talented and smart, but…

  • You feel like you need to be everywhere: TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Facebook GROUPS, Substack, and now Be.Real (?!)...the list goes on

  • You're trying to squish your best insights (the ones you’ve spent years developing) into an algorithm-friendly 30 second video

  • You're burnt out from the push to video asking you to always be "on" and "camera-ready”

  • You didn't go into business to spend MORE time at your desk fiddling with Canva carousels or Notes app screenshots just to be heard

What if I told you sharing your ideas, building connections and growing your business didn’t have to be so…hard?

Here's the vision I have for you:

A world where you get to make your point, leave your mark, develop your body of work...and then log off.

One where you no longer have to be glued to your computer, constantly adjusting your ring light and fighting with your social media scheduler in order to connect with potential clients/customers, collaborate with people in your industry, scale your business and live a life of freedom.

This is the world that’s possible with podcasting.

Chloe M. - Mic Drop Alum
Host of "Dream Glow by Coco" podcast

"I'm so happy I joined Chelsea in her Mic Drop course - I don't think my podcast would be here today if it weren't for this course"

The "work smarter, not harder, enjoy life" content creation model

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Did you know...

  • Podcasting has a longer lifespan than social media posts? Social posts disappear or stop gaining traction after a few days max (like...48 hours max)

  • Podcast conversions and ROI are higher from the undivided attention listeners give - listening to someone for even 10 mins prompts more retention than being seen in a sea of content on social

  • Podcasts have better SEO - Google started ranking them as their own result in 2019. Social media assets don't rank well in SEO. It’s estimated Google has 63,000 search queries every second - imagine how many keywords come out of a podcast vs. a quick video or graphic?

  • Your podcast can become a library or resource - an evergreen wealth of knowledge for people to always refer back to

  • You can take breaks and pause and you'll still have an archive of information where clients can find you and build trust with you!

Podcasting doesn't have to be complicated. Click "play" to see my make-shift studio. 
*spoiler alert* it's under a bed sheet.

Mic Drop Testimonial

"Chelsea Riffe did the damn near impossible: she helped me find my voice again. To say that Mic Drop was a holistically transformative experience is an understatement. Before we began MD, I would err on the side of not saying anything if I couldn't say it perfectly in my head first (exhausting right? Tell me about it). I worked so hard to make myself small to appease others. Now I let myself share freely and I feel so much more powerful in all areas because going through this cohort experience liberated me in so many ways.


Also, the cohort model is the BEST way to learn. It inspired me to keep going to see all of the amazing work my fellow podcasters were churning out. I can’t thank Chelsea enough for her care, wisdom, and feedback. I know my podcast, The Violet Vulture, is truly something beautiful that I've built because not only do I feel more me doing it, other people see how me it is too.


I’m really proud of what I’m sharing on the airwaves and even though a lot in life can be chaotic at times, working on this anchors me instead of feeling like another THING to do. What is truly amazing about this experience isn't just how to launch, but how to make something sustainable. And being open to changing your mind. Sign up for Mic Drop - you won't regret it!"

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Emmy C-G
Host of "The Violet Vulture" Podcast

What if I told you that in two months you could…

  • Have a podcast up and running, providing you with space to share nuanced ideas and conversations without having to squeeze into a 90 second video or 140 character tweet?

  • Share your worldview, giving you a chance to break down that theory you've been constructing in your head for years — whether it’s the relationship between Human Design and business decision making or the idea that astrology is self-care

  • Finally feel "tech savvy.” No, really — you won't clam up anymore when you read about "exporting audio files" and "compression rates" and "configuring your mic”

  • Speak with more confidence and find your voice, maybe even raising your hand first in that meeting, instead of waiting for someone to call on you

My point is: Wonderful things happen when you accept that your stories are valid and that you do, in fact have something to say.

I know what you're thinking…

"I'm already spending hours a day on Reels and TikTok, there's no way I have time to do this too!”

Exactly, you're already spending hours a day...why not shift that time and energy into recording a podcast episode that will have better SEO, a longer lifespan and will continue to be relevant and accessible for years to come?

"The production is more complicated and time-consuming”

It’s true, podcast production isn’t always easy breezy — especially if you’ve never done it. In my experience, people get burnt out from podcasting because they don't have a system in place or they don’t know the tools that are available to them (like AI tools that will transcribe AND edit for you 🤯)


And sure, it might take you 2 or 3 hours to get an episode live, but what if that turned into 2 new high ticket clients and saved you 6 hours a week that you usually spend trying to record the perfect Reels? With podcasting, you spend less time creating, yet produce more assets out of it. Win-win!

"I need to wait until I’m an expert in my field”

I get it: It’s scary to imagine asking for people’s undivided attention on their commutes, daily walks or while they do the dishes. But trust me, podcasting is not a medium that demands expertise — if it was, Spotify and Apple would be making you submit credentials.

Some of the top podcasters in the world, people making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on Patreon, are regular people making some of the unprofessional content you’ve ever heard. Don't believe me? Watch this clip! Plus, an expert always starts as a beginner. You build expertise by doing this. Actions breeds confidence.

"Ok Chelsea but listen...I just don't like my voice.”

You're not the only one! A huge amount of Mic Drop participants start with this same thought about themselves and their voices. And the research agrees — studies have found that we often perceive our voices as deeper, and that audio recordings can make them sound thinner and more high pitched than they really are.

The good news? A) You get over it and B) Other people don’t hear you the way you hear yourself.

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What makes Mic Drop the Ultimate Podcast Launch Course?

This 8 week accelerator will take you from idea to podcast launch.

Here's the full breakdown:

Module 1

  • Finding Your Voice

  • Things To Consider Upfront

  • Naming Your Podcast

  • Cover Art Tutorial

Module 2

  • Recording, Mic Recs + Sound Quality

  • Recording Pointers + Software Walk-through

  • Episode Structure and Planning

  • Intros and Outros

  • Finding Music + Transition Sounds

Module 3

  • Basic Editing 101

  • Descript Software Walk-through

  • Scheduling + Uploading Tips

  • Submitting Your Show to Apple & Spotify

  • Creating audiograms for promotion

  • Basic Editing 101

  • Descript Software Walk-through

  • Scheduling + Uploading Tips

  • Submitting Your Show to Apple & Spotify

  • Creating audiograms for promotion

Module 4

  • Sexy SEO for Chart-Topping Content

  • Launch Strategy Outline

  • Marketing + Promotion

  • Understanding Podcast Analytics

  • Content Repurposing 101

Tech + Resource Library:

  • Helpful softwares + royalty-free music sites

  • Podcast Editing/Management Directory

  • Podcast Swap Directory

  • Podcast Content Planner

  • Launch checklists + templates

  • + so much more!

Live round layout:

  • Week 1 - Welcome Call + Module 1 Drops

  • Week 1 - Q&A Call #1

  • Week 2 - Module 2 Drops

  • Week 2- Q&A Call #2

  • Week 3 - Module 3 Drops

  • Week 3 - Q&A Call #3

  • Week 4 - Module 4 Drops

  • Week 4 - Q&A Call #4

  • Week 5 - GSD (Get Sh*t Done) Co-Working Session #1

  • Week 6 - Office Hours 

  • Week 7 - GSD (Get Sh*t Done) Co-Working Session #2

  • Week 8 - Final Wrap-Up Call + Graduation!

You get all that, PLUS:

  • A Members-Only Slack group to ask questions, get feedback, share progress, and coordinate podcast interviews + swaps

  • Lifetime access to the course (as long as Riffe Media LLC is in business)

  • Full library that's a treasure chest of resources, checklists, and templates


What past students say:

"Chelsea has such an abundance of knowledge on podcasting and is an amazing teacher! She provided extremely thorough resources of everything to think through and do before starting a podcast and also connected a community of diverse individuals all interested in starting podcasting! I'm so grateful that I decided to work with Chelsea, and if you are thinking about podcasting or have any interest in it, I highly recommend this course!"


Liz W.

Host of "Of the Essence with Liz Walsh" Podcast


Chelsea has been hosting her top-rated podcast "In My Non-Expert Opinion" since 2017.

It currently has over 100k+ downloads, with listeners all over the world, from Australia to Europe to all over the USA.

Some notable guests include Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, Topsie VandenBosch, Gabby Bernstein, Oath Oracle, Kenzie Burke, & more.

Chelsea is beyond thrilled to share her years of expertise with all members of this course; with a background in content marketing + strategy, broadcast journalism, and a Master's in Digital Media + Storytelling from Loyola Chicago, you're going to be equipped to host, lead, and captivate your audience with your voice  -  can you say MIC DROP?!