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So you want to start a podcast? Hell yeah.

Podcasting is such an incredible way to increase your impact, income, and express your creativity.

I imagine you've sifted through countless articles, watched YouTube videos until the wee hours the night, and downloaded so many freebies your disk space is maxed out.

There are amazing resources online. But they contain an overwhelming amount of info, and probably left you with your head spinning on where to start, how to implement the millions of strategies suggested, and confused on which mic is actually best.

What a lot of these resources are missing is the mindset piece, and honoring your capacity. 

What happens when you go to record and freeze, because you've never done this before?

What if you don't have the time, energy, or mental space to commit to a weekly podcast?

What if you know you want to start one, but don't like the sound of your voice?

I help my clients work through the mindset piece of the puzzle that's often ignored.

The creative part is easy - you're secretly a Creative Genius.

You just need some guidance on mapping your ideas out and a strategic plan to follow.

That's where I come in, and what's unique about my coaching. You'll get the strategy AND mindset, to launch an incredible podcast and say "damn, I really did that!"

Sound like what you're looking for? 

Check out my 1:1 coaching below!

let's launch, grow, or monetize your podcast, you minx. 

One Hour Consults Now Available!

Like CPR, for your podcast.

If you find yourself asking any of these questions, and need a quick hit of guidance, clarity, and strategic direction, this consult is for you:


  • "I'm stuck on the tech side - what is essential to kicking off my podcast?"

  • "I have SO many ideas and don't know how to organize them - can we walk through this?"

  • "I want to make the podcast an extension of my business but don't want it to be so formal - how do I do that?"

  • "My podcast feels like a chore - how can I make it exciting again?"

  • "I want to start one but I'm nervous and need support on working through this fear"

  • "I started one a year ago and don't know what else to talk about - help!"


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