Podcasting is one of the most powerful platforms to share your voice, connect with your audience, and storytell in your own, captivating way.


I've been hosting my show, In My Non-Expert Opinion for 4 years (tune in on Spotify, Apple, and all other major platforms)! Not only has it allowed me to cultivate community, share my uncensored thoughts, and grow my business, it's also amplified my confidence, made my voice stronger, and impacted thousands of listeners. It is my absolute FAVORITE platform!

Check out some stats on podcasting, and why it may be the next best step for you (resources: Forbes & Podcast Insights):

  • It's a $1B industry (!!!) 

  • 77.9 million people listen to a podcast at least once a week

  • 16 million people in the US are “avid podcast fans”

  • Podcast listeners listen to an average of 7 different shows per week

  • Over 2M+ podcasts exist, and 50M+ episodes have been published online

  • 50% of all homes are podcast fans


Audio is one of the most intimate ways to build a connection with your community.  Podcasting is an incredible channel if you want to:

  1. Cultivate deeper relationships with your audience

  2. Grow your business

  3. Position yourself as a leader in your industry

  4. Build and maintain amazing relationships & connections

  5. Discover new revenue opportunities

  6. Collaborate with other powerhouses in your field

  7. Not be limited by other social platforms' capabilities, like a character count or video length

  8. Speak candidly &  unfiltered, as long as you want

  9. Storytell in a different format

  10. Have fun!



Podcasting allows me to have incredible conversations with world-renown experts, industry leaders, and influencers, like Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential, The Royal Shaman - Makhosi Nejeser, Kenzie Burke, Topsie VandenBosch, Oath Oracle's Ayesha, and more.


And now, I'm here to assist you in launching or refining your very own podcast!

Ready to work together? Apply below:




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Work 1:1 over 5 months to launch or refind your podcast! Chelsea will work with you on every step of the way, from strategizing, tech setup, formatting, prepping for interviews, creating a compelling story & more!



Work 1:1 over 5 months to launch or refine your podcast! 


  • 2 hour strategy session to uncover your vision, format, voice, message, and more! 

  • 4 x 60 min calls to focus on where you need support, including:

    • Back-end tech setup

    • Interview prep and practice

    • Crafting a compelling and unique story

    • Pitching guests

    • Coordinating podcast swaps

    • Getting your podcast on the major distribution platforms, like Apple Podcasts & Spotify

  • 1 x 90 min mastermind call per month to connect with other powerhouse content creators​

  • Voice note + text support between calls on Tues & Thurs

  • Access to video library filled with valuable tutorials

  • Recordings of each session

  • Judgement-free discussions 

  • Unwavering support

  • PLUS: Access to Mic Drop, The Ultimate Podcast Launch Course



Payment plans start at just $998/month for 3 months. Please fill out the application form below if you're considering coaching with Chelsea. Questions? Reach out!



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"The podcast coaching that I had with Chelsea left me feeling excited, inspired and capable of creating the podcast I've been dreaming of for the last few years. Chelsea walked me through the process and all the details, from picking a name to recording the episodes for highest quality audio. She is super knowledgeable in this craft and made me feel so supported as I journey into this new project. I went into it feeling timid about recording and left feeling empowered! Chelsea really knows what she is doing in the podcast space and she truly has the tools, expertise and heart to support folks stepping into the audio space. I recorded one of my first interviews last week and my guest said I seemed so professional, like I've been doing this for a while. A true testament to the confidence and tools Chelsea gave me in our consultation. If you're thinking about podcasting but overwhelmed or intimidated by the process, Chelsea will empower you with tools and confidence that you can do this!!"

Jenna Miller

Host of "DEPTH with Jenna Miller" Podcast

"Chelsea is a podcast badass - I had one session with her that empowered me to finally begin the podcast I've been thinking about for multiple years now. In 4 weeks after our session, I launched my podcast, which has been SO exciting and also one of the most effortless creative projects I've worked on. I really appreciated that Chelsea respected and wanted to support me wherever I was in my process. When we started, I told her I wanted to be realistic but launch ASAP and she helped me get clarity around how to begin, how I'm structuring the podcast, and exactly what I needed in order to launch including advice and tips around cover art, finding music, what hosting platforms she recommends, and more.  The support Chelsea gave me during and after our session gave me the confidence and knowledge that I needed to feel totally capable and excited to create and launch my podcast - and do so much more quickly than if I had just worked on it on my own. Thanks so much Chelsea!!!"

Caitlin Goehring

Host of "The Cosmic Drip" Podcast

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"Chelsea gave me the encouragement I needed to finally move forward with the podcast idea I had been sitting on for months. I sought out her help because I was a bit frozen from overwhelm, perfectionism, and fear of being seen. Chelsea talked through these blockages with me and also helped me keep my plan for the podcast simple, to avoid overwhelm and burnout. What I appreciated most about her advice was that she fully supported the idea of 'letting things be easy.' That's something I've been trying to adhere to more in my business, and so this was a much-needed reminder. Just days after our session, I interviewed my first guest (using some of Chelsea's tips from her interview masterclass!), recorded my first solo episode, and published my podcast! I'm really happy with how it's turned out, and I'm grateful to Chelsea for the confidence boost to get me motivated."

Sarah Amaya

                    Host of "The Shadow Femme Show"