May 26th, 12 - 2pm EST

An experiential lab to provide you the skills needed to conduct chart-topping interviews



Requests are flooding your inbox from guests wishing to be on your podcast. 📧 🔥


Your website traffic is practically breaking the internet with the amount of visits it’s getting. 📈


And your services just got booked out faster than Elon Musk found $44B to buy Twitter… 🤯


What kinda dream world is this?!

You learned the art of interviewing and hosting. 

We’ve all tuned into interviews that are more cringeworthy than Kanye ripping the mic from Taylor Swift during the 2009 VMAs (yikes🥴), where the host turns every answer back to them, or they ramble and interrupt, making the guest feel unheard. 

**Steamrolling the convo, much?**

if a bad interview were a visual ^^

Or, the type of interview where the guest shuts down because the interviewer didn't make them feel safe or comfortable (aka didn’t let the guest express their boundaries)?


**Cue red flag** 🚩🚩🚩

Here’s the thing - there is a way to conduct jaw-dropping interviews and become someone who creates deeper relationships through listening and asking the right questions.


Wouldn’t it be AH-MAZING to book an interview and not immediately feel pit stains, anxious stomach bubbles, or clench your jaw so tight that you might actually screw up the alignment of your teeth and need braces again? 

There is a way: inside The Interview & Hosting Lab! 

This lab will help you hone your interviewing skills so that every time listeners see your name pop up on their podcast feed, they'll know they're in for an audio treat, jam-packed with value, information, and head-nod moments all-around.


When you become a captivating interviewer, here is what could happen for you: 

  • Applications to work with you will skyrocket 🚀

  • Top-ranked hosts will slide in your DMs to coordinate podcast swaps 🤝

  • Your social media following will blow up 💥

  • Dreamy career opportunities will knock at your door 🚪💵

  • Esteemed hosts will invite you to more dinner parties for being such a charming conversationalist 🍝🗣

  • Your emotional intelligence will expand by learning to be more self-aware, self-regulate, and empathetic 💜

  • You’ll cultivate social skills to ‌connect with anyone from your postal worker to the President ✅

  • Your waitlist will be at max capacity, filled to the brim with aligned leads and ideal clients eagerly waiting to work with you 💯

Natalia Benson's comments after interviewing her for my podcast, Ep. 137

Natalia Benson video transcript: I feel like you are excellent with interviewing. So let's talk about that. Like I said, I mean, that's, that's really why we're connected here because I was, like I said, I was so impressed. Just a quick little note I have at this point done many, many interviews. So I've had a lot of different experiences being interviewed. And it's interesting because what I find so powerful and I feel like you exemplify this. And one of my favorite podcasts is School of Greatness with Lewis Howes. And I love the way he interviews. And I noticed when you were interviewing me, you had a cadence and a style that was similar to him. And what I mean is that you stayed very focused on me. I really really respected. And you inspired me with the way that I interview of how to still maintain conversation, because obviously you're human, but still really make sure that you're focused on your guest.

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Who is this for?

  • Podcasters who want to “pick the brains” of their favorite authors, mentors, and role models … and let’s be honest - impress them! 😎

  • Creators who want to add these skills to their Swiss Army Knife of content creation - imagine the collabs on your channel when you nail the skill of storytelling 😍

  • Journalists who want to refine their skills to share more gripping stories… and perhaps land front page coverage on major publications 👀

  • Writers who want to draft enthralling stories of their subjects - imagine making a listener emotional just through your interview?! 🥲

  • Coaches who want to elevate other voices in the space in a powerful way 🗣

What to expect inside class:

  • Learn the fundamental principles of conducting a stellar interview, like:

    • How to facilitate a comfortable, inviting space for your guest (automatic “guard down” energy)

    • Different ways to research your guest to prep for eye-opening discussions (think of Oprah x Meghan Markle’s earth-shattering interview)

    • How to use scheduling tools to book guests efficiently, without all the back and forth (which is one of the main reasons hosts lose out on interviews btw!)

    • How to active listen, pause, and pivot conversations gracefully


When guests come on your podcast, they’ll light up and think "wowwww, that was the best interview ever!"


The Lab is broken into 3 phases:


  • Phase 1: Teaching 📝 — I’ll walk you through the 4 P’s of every interview (Prepare, Pitch, Personalize, Post-interview)


  • Phase 2: Practice 🧠 — You’ll pair up with a member of class and interview each other! Each person will ‌research, prepare, and interview a “guest”, followed by feedback and discussion with each other.


  • Phase 3: Q&A/Discussion 🗣 — After interview practice, we’ll regroup and discuss wins, areas for improvement, and answer ‌questions before you depart! You’ll leave the lab equipped to conduct Barbara Walters-adjacent interviews and dazzle your guests

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A little about me, your host

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I’ve spent the last decade studying interviewing and storytelling, so much so that I pursued my Master’s in Digital Media + Storytelling from Loyola Chicago, after receiving my Bachelor’s in Media + Broadcast Journalism from FSU. 


My specialty was hosting and reporting (pretty fitting that I ended up becoming a Podcast Coach, huh?!)

A trip down memory lane...

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 3.52.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 3.50.47 PM.png

After doing a ton of reporting work for my university, I secured a corporate job in influencer marketing and content strategy for 6+ years. 


This gave me the skills to plan high-level content strategies for brands like Yahoo Sports and M&M’s, and work with creators from mommy bloggers to NBA stars.

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 3.51.02 PM.png

It also gave me the confidence to speak to people in any title or industry, relax in front of a camera or mic, and eventually start my own podcast, where I’m now known for interviewing and hosting!


When you can really connect with someone by asking the right questions, you’ve struck gold. 


And now, I can’t WAIT to share my expertise with you. 


During Interview & Hosting Lab, you’ll leave with the tools of a Spotify-exclusive professional podcaster, the confidence of a gold-medal Olympian, and the mindset of an award-winning host, all things needed to conduct chart-topping interviews!

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